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Motion Plus™  Digital Servo  Controller Repair

Originally manufactured by MTS, Custom Servo Motors, and Parker Hannifin.

Models and Part Numbers

Temposonic Digital Controller
TDC 100, TDC 200

Encoder Digital Controller
EDC 100, EDC 200, EDC 500

Variable Ratio Profiler
VRP 100, VRP 500, CAM 100, CAM 500
XDC 700, XDC 710

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Although these controllers are no longer built or supported by the manufacturer(s), they are completely repairable and are supported by Berg Controls LLC.

  • Replacement Parts are in stock for all common modes of failure.
  • Have dedicated test fixtures to quickly and thoroughly identify problems and also verify proper functionality of the entire unit.
  • Berg Controls LLC has a depth of engineering and applications experience supporting Motion Plus TM controllers, as well as MPM servo motors and MPA servo Amplifiers manufactured by Parker, MTS, and CSM.
  • Please inquire about the variety of these products that are available for sale as spares or exchange units.
  • We are interested in purchasing surplus or non working controllers and accessories such as remote operator interfaces.
  • Contact us for expert troubleshooting advice to accurately and quickly diagnose system problems.

Consider keeping your Motion Plus™ controller working great with our quality and economical services rather than incurring the downtime cost and expense of having to re-engineer, rewire, and reprogram your proven machine controls.

Disclaimer: Berg Controls LLC does not have any affiliation with Parker Hannifin Corporation, MTS Systems Corporation, Rockwell Automation, or any companies related or affiliated with them. Motion Plus® is a registered trademark of Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Accessories and Parts available

Refurbished power supplies
(Digital Power Corp.)

Remote operator interface
New replacement
membrane keypad overlay