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Servo Amplifier Repairs
Models and Part Numbers

Custom Servo Motors
MTS Automation
TBF series -  TBF60/5R, TBF60/5I
TRM series -  TRM60/5I
TBN series -  TBN50/2I, TBN50/6
TRS series

SFD 230 series

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Berg Controls, LLC has extensive experience with these product families. We have the right fixtures, motors, and resources to provide full service repair, testing, and product support for your TBF series servo amplifier. Contact us to purchase New and refurbished TBF series servo amplifiers. We are also interested in purchasing surplus or non working units.
A common failure mode of the TBF series servo amplifier results in a burnt area of the board. This is well understood and repairable by Berg Controls, LLC